Low Cognition High Conviction

I finally figured out that I’m not that smart. My IQ is significantly higher than the MENSA requirements; I rate in the top percentile of test taking Americans. I got aptitude. But I don’t know stuff; lot’s of stuff; whole lots of stuff.

How essential is cognitive mastery of transcendent reality to bridging the gap of God’s wrath and God’ gracious love?

  • Is functional mastery of the unity/diversity of personhood in the Triune a requirement? Do I go to an intermediate state after death if I accidentally depend on an illustration that expresses an early church heresy?
  • Do I need to resolve determinism and chaos/open possibility/choice issues (A.K.A. Sovereignty and Free Will) such that I believe people who choose to believe in more Arminian theologies were sovereignly ordained, before the foundation of the world, to believe such irresponsible Pelagian non-sense?
  • How comfortable with obedience over sacrifice do I need to be? Should I be ready to kill every man, woman, child and beast (down to a certain size) as an expression of religious virtue, or I can I choose a “but I say love your enemies” trump card, or do I have to hold them both simultaneously?
  • Can I just say “Remember me when you enter into your Kingdom!” or is there a longer short catechism that is essentially essential as one of the multiple “SOLA- and this” essentials?

Just asking, because although I’m really convinced that Jesus is the ultimate reference point for life, meaning, existence and pretty much everything else, I’m not sure I know enough to explain it to myself with the certitude of Job’s friends. I’m not sure I have to.



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